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Verry nice food

Ali, 21 Jun 2021

Great food always!

Anna, 20 Jun 2021

Favourite kebab shop. Have yet to find better tasting Donna meat. Also a good cut of chips and fried for a good length of time which means there's some crispness to them (makes all the difference). Good guys. Still my favourite after all these years.

Ed, 14 Jun 2021

Great food, great speed, great quality

Jessica, 05 Jun 2021

Best kebab House in Coventry

Balbinder, 04 Jun 2021


Vaiva, 02 Jun 2021

Good quality meal. I recommend Coventry Kebab House Special Kebab. Thanks!

Edward, 28 May 2021


Joe, 27 May 2021

Used the place for 30+ years. Always a good kebab

Stuart, 24 May 2021

Always get my kebabs from here

Manni, 22 May 2021

Always 100 percent top quality

Andrew, 22 May 2021


Micky, 20 May 2021

Absolutely amazing quality. Tasty and fresh. So generous too !

Dusty, 20 May 2021

Ordered a combination kebab tonight. Kofta and lamb Donna. Was amazing. Lovely food. Great price too. Will definitely order again. Well done all

Heather, 07 May 2021

Ordered a combination kebab tonight. Kofta and Donna. So beautiful. Tasted amazing. Great value for money too. Well done all

Heather, 07 May 2021

Always good and tasty, great service.

Eliabeth, 05 May 2021

Always top quality

Andrew, 01 May 2021

Love your food

Sarah, 29 Apr 2021

Love your food

Sarah, 29 Apr 2021

Food was cold, looked like yesterday's meat and wasn't cooked well as asked. Very disappointing

Kevin, 19 Apr 2021

Very nice kebabs ask for meat extra cooked and they delivered spot on

Kevin, 19 Apr 2021

never no problem. maybe separate pitta from meat when delivering .

Justin, 09 Apr 2021


Amazing kebab. I had the XXL Special. Easily enough for two people. It was fresh and tasty. Good quality. Even the salad was nice and fresh. The green chillis are lovely. My only complaint is there was a lot of grease on the bottom of the tray which spoiled part of the meal as it soaked up some of the meat but otherwise it was very good. Food also arrived on time and well packed. Highly recommend.

Carl, 31 Mar 2021

The sald was starting to get moisture, just be careful

James, 26 Mar 2021

Always quick, always good, been eating from here over eleven years :)

Anna, 26 Mar 2021


Always great food from here!

Daniel, 26 Mar 2021